Outstanding Mobile Gambling and Battles for Duelz Casino


When you hear about the online casinos you usually what to think about – now this is another gambling facility with the standard processes like gambling a great amount of promotions you need to get along with and a boring design.

Well, that is what you can say about the majority of the casinos out there, but definitely not about the casino Duelz which is founded to provide with an outstanding and unique gambling experience you won’t find anywhere in other place.

The main thing about the Duelz is the fact that here you do not only gamble you also play pvp games against other players which consider using magic, spells and all your tactical skills – and that is kind of an activity we did not see in the online casinos for years.

No really, it is not enough to spin the slots here, you also need to battle against other players and use magic to get promo codes, cash, bother kinds of bonuses and move up in the leaderboard and throughout the leagues to the highest ones – and that is the only way for you or any other online casino gambler to become of the game here.

Moreover, unlike the most of the casinos out there the duelz.com is primarily intended for mobile devices which means it is fully mobile optimized and in general is the best place for anyone who prefers mobile gambling to create an account in.

Of course, here you can also meet some promotions just like in any other casinos, however, they are executed and delivered in very original way and in this review we are going to disclose this topic in details.

You also will be pleased by the customer support service that is working here for you good – and that is very important for the place where you store and deal with money, so just read our review which has been made to underline the best features of this unique gambling facility.

Responsible Gambling

Before we review all the other elements and features of this online casinos there are some things to say about the responsible gambling policy enforced here. Due to the fact the gambling process here is more than engaging due to the great amount of the side events and magic duel concept enforced in general the casino has made it all to make this place safer for those who lose their control upon gambling, thus you are warned to make sure you can afford the gambling activity you lead.

Here you can limit your deposits, losses or even block an account for a specified period of time to make sure that your joy here won’t harm you in real life and you won’t run out of budget that you can afford to gamble on. Thus, there are many things made by the casino Duelz to make sure the gambling won’t impose any negative consequences here and will bring you only a joy and good mood just like it has to.


When you choose Casino Duelz you have to options – you can just play the casino games provided by the website duelz.com or you can get something more from you gambling activity here and participate in side events which are called duels.

These duels are magic battles between you and other real players. You should know that before you get signed up to the online casino you have to choose the character you are going to play with – and that can be a male wizard or a female magician – these two characters are the same for all of the players that have created an account in the online casino.

Along with the gambling you can also participate in battles with other players and the results of these duels will promote in the leaderboard table which is the place where your progress towards the other players is displayed.

Once you get the better results you can move forward to a higher league where you are going to compete with more dedicated and renown players and thus you will also get higher bonuses and rewards for your achievements in the game.

The duels here can be as entertaining as the regular gambling process due to the fact you have battles with live players from all the countries from England to New Zealand and each of them has its own tactics and approaches to online battles which you need to count and consider in order to get victorious. The battles here are conducted with the use of spells which are something more than just lines of codes – each spell has its unique properties and should be used efficiently if you want to climb to the top of the leaderboard.

We are going to tell you more about the spells and how you can get them in the game more detailed in the next section. And for now the only thing you need to know that Spells are the core of the duelling system enforced in the casino.


Spells in the Duelz Casino are you weapons you use to defeat your opponents which are other players from all around the globe that want to get valuable prizes and rewards for being the best duelers – just like you.

There are many kinds of spells here and there are being regularly added new ones in order to vary the gambling process. For example, here you can meet spells that allow to strike your opponents with additional damage and take off as much XP as possible, or other spells that heal character from the wounds you get in the battle to replenish your powers and get along with the battle.

You also can find other very valuable and rare spells that allow you to revive your character and restore your health to continue the battle or you can poison the character of your opponent – there are so many option to battle here that it is even more interesting than gambling itself sometimes, especially if the opponent is really good at duelling.

Anyway in the Casino Duelz there is a great sense in getting new spells and winning the duels, as the more duels you win the more chests you can open and these chests contain spells and also the bonus codes for different perks like the cash prizes, and other kind of promo codes that are being described in details in the section about chests.

You also can just buy spells in the casino’s internal store and replenish your arsenal with weaponry to increase your winning chances – you can buy 50 spells at once by the way and it is a very valuable feature which allows you to increase your winning chances in the casino just for having a good choice of spells you can use in the battle against the opponent.

It could be said that if you like RPGs with magic battles or turn-based games the Duelz Casino is an ideal choice for you no matter what, so this online casino should be definitely considered as an option if you are tired from a regular gambling.


When it comes to promotions Duelz Casino is not the most notable online gambling facility in the world. However, that doesn’t mean it is not worth considering as a good choice as here there are more important and unique features which you need to pay attention for.

At the majority of cases users here are attracted by the amount of the activities that are opened not by the no deposit bonuses or bonus codes which is the matter of concern of other casinos that offer no more than just a gambling process, so in case you want to have more information about the reasons to play on the duelz.com website you surely need to move another sections.

However, that doesn’t mean the casino doesn’t offer you any of the bonus codes at all – it provides you with an outstanding opportunity to get all the benefits you can from your first login as after you have created an account in the casino you can claim the welcome bonus which is not the most generous I’ve seen in 2021 but it is still enough to get along with when you want to get a first impression of the gambling process looks like here.

At the moment you have used you welcome bonus you will also be offered to participate in duels against other players and you will be also able to use chests, spells in order to increase your chances to win both in the casino games or in side activities, so there is much to tell you about the promo codes in this review.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the first thing you see in any casino and Duelz casino is not an exception. Here you can claim for the generous bonus funds offer and also get free spins which you can use to play free games on the slot machines.

As you can see on the picture the bonus code for the newcomers allows you to get up to 100 Euro on your bonus account which is a double from what you have deposited, thus you need to cash in 100 euros of real money in order to get this sum on your balance.

Along with that the bonus code provides you with an opportunity to play 200 free games on the slot machine Book of Dead which is the most popular game in 2021 among all the casinos from Australia to Canada to provide players with the free spins.

The free spins allocated partially and are granted for you on a daily basis-  you get 20 free spins per day for 10 days which you can use to win in the slot machine game, and that is one of the most generous offers when it comes to free spins as the majority of other online casino offer you 30, 50 or at maximum 120 free spins for the Book of Dead and I have rarely a casino that provides so many free games opportunities for the slots enthusiasts.

Actually, free spins here are more valuable than the money you get on your bonus balance so this could be called the no deposit bonus due to the fact it doesn’t matter what is your deposit amount – you still can qualify for 200 free spins even if you have cashed in the minimum sum.

The free spins are not wagered, though the bonus funds you acquire are wagered by 45x – this is a mediate coefficient when you compare it to the wagers enforced in other online casinos. That means that in case the bonus you get after redeeming the promo code makes 50 Euros you need to multiply this sum by 45 and after you make bets on the total sum of 2250 Euros you are allowed to withdraw the funds from your account.

Unlike the majority of other casinos here you will meet the outstanding and unique types of promo codes and some of them are good replacements for no deposit codes, others are just going to improve your gambling experience dramatically so forth below to find out more about how your gaming in the Duelz casino can become the best and the strongest impression of your life when it comes to gambling.


Chests here are something like promo codes in other online casinos – the only difference is that you get those for a gambling process, not on a weekly, daily or monthly basis, and the better is your activity in side duels, the more chests you can gather and the more is the value of prizes stored there.

Once you start gambling in the casino Duelz you do not have to make a choice among the having fun and showing the greatest results – this all can be combined here due to the way the perks and benefits are provided here.

When you participate in duels or play games you get stars and points for your activity depending on how good you were and how many victories you have made. The more there are victories the faster you get the next chest and the higher is the status of chest the more valuable are the bonus codes you can apply for.

There are different promo codes you can get from the chests:

  • free spins
  • spells
  • cash
  • deposit bonus
  • additional points for activities

As you can see you can get free spins and cash here – it is more alike the no deposit bonuses you see in other casinos, however, these promo codes are not about getting a few bucks on your account, those are about serious prizes which can make as much as several hundreds of dollars.

You also can see that you get spells from the chests – well, these one are really needed to defeat your enemies in the battles that are held on the permanent basis as these PvP duels give you an opportunity to claim for more promo codes and get much more fun from staying in the casino Duelz.

You also can get deposit bonuses which can be used to double your cashin sum and get more chances to win in slots games or card games or any other kind of gambling activities presented on the duelz.com website.

Duelz Games

With all those stories about the magic battles and chests we have almost forgot about the main feature of each online casino – the choice of the casino games presented in it. Of course, that could be understood because you can hardly find any other service with such an engaging side event like has been offered to its users by the Duelz casino, so that could be a good reason to review that first and then move to something all the online casinos have – the games.

It has to be said that when it comes to the choice the Duelz casino is not at the top of the list of casino – as far as for me the category section here could contain much more options and the choice of games in each section could be bigger.

There is one more thing I cannot ignore – there are no live casino games here. I mean that in 2021 almost all good casinos have included this kind of activity to the list and provide gamblers with a rich range of opportunities to play table classic casino games with live dealers or live players, while the duelz.com cannot be called an advanced place to gamble in at this scope.

However, it should be recognized that the website has a great choice of slots – especially of those most popular and engaging ones and maybe the absence of the live casino games is caused by the design of the website itself and orientation of the administration towards the mobile devices not the PC ones.

Anyway, it is just a single thing I do not really understand about the duelz.com, and all other ones are really outstanding. you can find a great choice of slots here and they all work smoothly, so nothing will distract you from the gaming process and nothing will irritate you while you are making the spins or watch the animation no matter which type of game you have chosen.

Customer Support

When it comes to the attitude to the players – I am completely satisfied as here I have found an immediate response to my request by the Linus -one of the support agents that work in the duelz.com.

Unlike the majority of other online casinos that say they have a responsive customer support which can be reached via the live chat here you can see a really quick reaction on conversation. All I did was saying hi to the support agent and it happened on the weekend and I got answered in several seconds.

That is what I call a good customer service and a nice attitude to users that have problems and need help. However, here it is likely that you won’t contact the support service even once as all the features here are clarified and can be used intuitively.

On the opposite to the other casinos that have rather tricky interface and navigation, here you can see a user-friendly design and if you want to clarify any question you can read about it in a simple and available manner on the pages of the How to section of the duelz.com website.

Gambling Process in Duelz

The only disadvantage which I have notices in the Duelz casino is the fact there is no option to play free games here. Moreover, you cannot asses the number and the quality of games here unless you login to your account which has to be created at first. Only after that you can see how the games perform on this website.

I can say that the optimization of website is spectacular and it is a true finding for the people who prefer playing on their mobile devices, however, I understand that majority of players that did not read this review could just leave the website without even trying it due to the fact there is no option to gamble ina  practice mode and the fact that the majority things you can know about the casino can be assessed only after you have logged in.

It is a huge problem for the gambling facilities like this and I can say that the best thing about the Duelz is the fact that all in all the gambling process here is user-friendly and intuitive no matter what and in case you have any issues with how to play or what to play in you always can contact the support service via the live chat.

Mobile Gambling

Now all of you that feel enthusiastic about the mobile gambling can be happy with the fact the Duelz casino is an ideal place for you as the first thing you see when you enter the website is the administration’s advise to enter the www.duelz.com using your mobile device, not the PC.

Really, you can see that PC version of the website looks not that good when you compare it to the mobile website, so it would be a good idea to follow the administration’s advice and use your mobile device or tablet instead of the laptop or a PC.

However, if you are fond of the mobile apps you may be disappointed by the fact there is no such a thing like an app for the mobile phone users which you can download and install, so you can only reach the website via the browser and play games here after you login.

Actually, it can be a very good approach for the year 2021 when the mobile traffic from gamblers increases dramatically for users from Canada to Australia and all around the world. I do not really remember any other websites or gambling services that would advise their users to use the mobile version of the website instead the PC version, though there are many of them that even opened on PC look like the optimized for mobile devices.

Anyway, it has to be said that duelz.com is ideal for mobile phone and good enough for PCs, so do not ignore this service no matter which device you are using for gambling activities.


To conclude it has to be said that you cannot really find another casino with such a spirit and gambling activities available no matter how hard you try to. yes, there are kind casinos that exploit various approaches to making a gambling experience a bit different – for example, I saw casinos that provide you with an opportunity to research the forsaken worlds, however, that is still not something you are offered here.

Here you can enjoy the masterpiece feature of the casino which is all about magic duels and the way you get rewarded for your gambling activity. While other casinos just launch various promotions and events the Duelz casino has made it in its own way and provided all the players with an opportunity to compete against each other directly not only when it comes to the tabler games and such an approach became a wonderful way to accumulate here a great amount of loyal and dedicated players.

Just try out this casino – it would be a good idea if you are tired from other websites that all look very alike with each other and do not bring any added value for gamblers.

by Carlo Morgan