Red Dog Casino Fair Review – Mobile Optimized And Bonus Full Gambling Website


This review is about to disclose the most notable features of the Red Dog casino – a place where you can enjoy gambling process in one of the most stylish and branded gambling facilities in the world.

Here you won’t find any boring activities that are presented in other online casinos, you won’t be confused by the tricky promotions which we all know we can meet in the majority of websites – no, here all you get is a pure gambling experience and very well furnished customer support which is ready to answer on any of your question that arise while you are gambling here.

A very easy registration process takes only a minute and afterwards you are free to get into the world of the Reg Dog casino – a very friendly host who is going to lead to the high winnings with its generous offers and a great amount of bonus cash which you can use for your good in the casino.

Make sure you have loaded up to this journey as this adventure is going to take from all the mood you have, all the engagement and will bring in exchange as much satisfaction as possible.

Customer Support

The Red Dog Casino customer Support was designed to provide users with the help in situations when somethings is going wrong like the errors appearing and in case you have any issues with the promotions or the features enabled in the casino.

Unlike the majority of the casinos that have only live chat enabled here you can contact the support agents in various ways and choose the one that suits you the best:

  • Live chat
  • Phone call
  • Email

Here you can use the live chat widget which allows you to get a prompt contact with the agent and clarify the question you want to figure out – this option is ideal for those who live in Australia or New Zealand as it is completely free and doesn’t need from you anything except the stable internet connection.

You also can make a phone call if you are not fond of writing and you prefer to get information in a spoken way, so all you need to do is to call using the number provided on the picture and you can get a support in either English or Norwegian as there are two languages supported by the online casino. It won’t take from you much efforts to do this and it is going to be a free call.

In case you have some complicated or undefined problem which cannot be solved quickly or if you have several questions and you want to save the answers to return to them you can write an email and get a help from the casino administration within 24 hours.

Actually, at the majority casinos there is another approach – in order to cut expenditures on the customer support and make a communication with clients easier for the employees most of them use live chat widget only, however, that doesn’t consider the needs of those who have issues with typing or need some time to get figured out with the questions asked, thus the approach of the RedDog casino is much better as it allows customers to contact the support in all possible ways.

Meet the Red Dog

The is intended to be a branded casino which has its own face – a Red Dog (though some people may say that he is more alike the fox, but you know it is actually a dog; just deal with it). All the elements of the casino are executed in the uniform style, all the texts are written as like this dog is real and provides you with this service and hosts you to gamble as much as possible.

The bonuses are called bones there and there are really daily bonuses you can claim for, that’s for real, that is what you are going to find out in details from the promotions section of our review.

The games are really outstanding and were collected from the most reputable and renown game manufacturers from all over the world so you can be sure that the quality of games is as high as possible which is a good news for all those who were in doubts.

Uniformity is really a problem when we talk about the other online casinos we often meet in the internet, and thus the fact that Red Dog casino is branded is a such ideal way makes this place even more valuable than we ever though it was. It is a good example of a place that can engage not only with the generosity but also with an atmosphere and good attitude of the support team.

Anyway, this kind of a branded style of a casino is a good idea and you really feel more comfortable here than in other casinos that do not have neither brand, neither smart design, so this is what I would call the reason for at least staying here and sorting ut what is going on on this website.

Responsible Gambling Policy

The Red Dog Casino is providing a responsible gambling policy for all they players that may suffer from uncontrolled addiction to gaming and that is why there is a separate section where you can get all the information on how the policy is being realized by the casino.

There are several things you need to know about how the casino can help you with controlling a gambling addiction. You can ask the support to:

  • limit your deposits
  • deactivate your account for a specified period of time
  • delete your account
  • use the helpful links on the casino page where you can get help with gambling addiction

The first thing that is available is imposing limits to your deposits – this can be done by request to the support service which you can contact by the phone, email or live chat widget. You can impose the limits on the daily, weekly or monthly basis and this is totally okay with the Red Dog casino administration as these limits won’t be possible to violate.

For example, if you have decided that you can afford to spend $300 per month on gambling activities you can can ask for enabling that limit and thus you won’t be able to deposit more than $300. Of course, you will still be eligible for all the bonus codes and promotions launched by the casino, but the good news is that you will be assured you won’t spend more than the limit you have chosen.

If you need a break from gambling but you are not sure you can control your activity on your own you can ask the support to deactivate your account for a specified period of time – it may be a day. several days, or even weeks – it is all on your demand. Once you do that you will be able to have a break and return to your real life.

You also can ask for account deletion in case you have decided to get over with gambling forever – in such an occasion all the funds on your account will be returned as a cash with any payment method you choose and thus your account and all your data will be deleted from the casino on your first demand.

At last, if you feel that you have issues with your gambling activity there are provided useful links of the organizations that can provide you some help with that and all you need to do is to follow that links and discuss your problem with the support on that websites.

All in all, it has to be said that the Red Dog is very good in providing helpful services for the customers and all the necessary actions which are needed to avoid abusing addiction issues by the casinos are imposed.


And now we have got to one of the main reasons and arguments the casino gamblers choose the services – promotions. Really, when you see no difference between the casinos it could be a tough thing to choose among them if only you do not pay attention to the bonus codes that are provided by the website like no deposit bonus, deposit bonus, free spins or many other kinds of promo codes that make your life easier and your gambling experience brighter.

That is the reason why we all need to pay attention to the way the Red Dog casino treats its newcomers and other players and how generous the administration is when motivates new players or rewards the loyal ones.

Thus, in this section we will have a brief review of all of the promo codes available. However, you should know that when you play in the casino you will get notified about new promo codes that are launched temporarily and we cannot tell you about them in this review, we only will describe the permanent bonus codes that are available to all the players no matter how high is your activity or balance.

At first, it has to be said that the RedDog Casino hasn’t gone far from the classic approach to newcomers – this is one of those casinos where you get the welcome bonus upon registration, however, you need to pay attention to the sum of the reward for registration as I did not really have seen much casinos with such a generous welcome pack.

Another thing we will review is the monthly bonus which is about granting additional bonuses for those who play the specified slot games and this is what you surely need to consider as in such a way casino offers you additional opportunities to meet new games and get more benefits for playing them – that’s a promo code you shouldn’t ignore.

At last, there is going to be reviewed the daily bonus  – a blowing up and a very generous offer. It is so unique and outstanding that you will use it as often as you can considering the fact there are no severe limitations for that and actually in any other casino providing and using such a bonus code could be claimed to be a misuse while here it is a standard offer.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus you can redeem here is eligible for five deposits from the moment you have created an account. yes, that is right you can claim this coupon five times – that is what you get and each time you claim it you get as much as 225% bonus funds on your account multiplied on your deposit sum.

pointed out on the picture – the game the free spins are credited to

The deposit bonus shouldn’t be less than $10-30 – it all depends on the payment methods you use so just make sure you have sorted out with the instruction of activating the bonus code – just go to the cashier zone and make a deposit only after you claim this bonus in order to get bonus funds on your account.

Maybe you are BTC enthusiast and prefer to use crypto? Well, then we have good news for you – you cannot ask for more in this situation as you are going to redeem as much as 20% of bonus on top of the 225% which makes 245% – isn’t that wonderful?

The gambling process will become a magnificent experience with such an approach of the casino administration to the way you are going to spend your funds, and your deposit are more than tripled five times just because you are a new player.

If you think that is the place where the fairytale ends we have good news for you – not at all. there are even more valuable bonus codes that are available for players – even those on the daily basis. By the way, just compare this offer with the no deposit bonuses some of the casinos have – do you see the difference?

Just consider that the wager should make at least 35x before you are going to be able to conduct a withdrawal – yes, here you deal with the wager, too and there is nothing anyone can ever do with that – all of the casinos impose wagers to prevent misuse of the promo codes.

Again, you should understand that what is offered here is much better than no deposit bonuses that make only a couple of bucks – this is the offer you often meet in other casinos that are not so good in satisfying players like the Red Dog.

Bandits are Stealing This Month

You can see the terms and conditions of the offer which e are going to discuss next on the picture below. howe do you like that? There is one thing you need to know but which is not pointed out on the picture – the game the free spins are credited to.

The reason is that each month there is a new game the free spins are credited for and as much as you can see the users of the BTC payment method are rewarded again, and this time by extra 25 free spins which are also applied for those who use Neosurf payment system.

This kind of a bonus is only eligible for those whose deposit exceeds $100 and that is fair as this is the sum which is needed to  be cashed in order to get the best from the long-term winning strategies when you play on slot machines.

The terms and conditions of the promo code can change and the ones you see on the picture above are eligible for the September 2021 and the Cash Bandits 2 – you should definitely try considering the fact the casino has made so much efforts to deliver it to you.

24/7 Bonus

Mobile and Desktop Gambling

There were really many online casinos that did not manage to do this – to provide players with an opportunity to gamble from wherever they want using any device they prefer and that is a sad true. However, that is not something you could say about the Red Dog Casino as here you have a freedom to choose which kind of device you want to use to win and lose, to get excited from the gambling process and enjoy the responsive design of the

It is pointed out separately on the website by the Red dog that it has been all to make this site mobile optimized so I decided to check that and you know what – it is really mobile optimized. The performance on the smartphone is smooth and the appearance of all elements including loading and the edges is truly magnificents.

There can be only one cons for the mobile enthusiasts – the fact there is no mobile app you can download and use to get an instant access to the casino games from your phone. However, as already said above, the mobile casino via the browser is ideal so you do not really need any additional software.

However, if you have a Windows PC you may want to get an instant access to the online casino from your desktop. For such an occasion any of you can download a client which you can use to install the gambling software from which you can play casino games, claim promotions and get many other benefits the majority of the gamblers do not have an access to.

The downloadable version of casino is no worse than the browser so it is even hard to tell for me whether it is worth downloading a client or maybe you should be okay with the browser version – the only difference is that when you download the client you get an instant access to casino – and that’s all – as you use the same promotions and login data no matter what.

Open and Transparent Casino

You may have heard about such an indicator called the payout rate of the casino. It is mainly used to show the ratio between the wins and the losses of the casino players and it it was a very valuable point before the 2021.

For now the majority of the casinos exploit other features in order to show they have a fair attitude to the players as the payout rate in the majority of the casinos is the same and only depends on the games manufacturers they deal with and the presence of licenses as well. It has to be said that there can be other ways to show the advantages of playing in the casino when it comes to payouts and your chances to win and that is what the Red Dog Casino administration is doing on the permanent basis – they have published the counter of players, % of winnings and bonuses that are provided for the players, and that kind of a method really works.

You rarely can see a casino that provides a fair info on the amount of the players that are now in the casino as that information can make either a good or a bad commercial, however, here the administration makes it all to show how transparent they are.

The figure showing the number of winners also is impressing as even the payout rate which is considered to be the highest and the best one doesn’t usually exceed 97% which means that it is rather hard to find any other casino with such a giving and generous attitude to players from Canada to England.

In case you want to check the figures you can always get in touch with the support agents that are always online 24/7 especially when you use the live chat widget.

Jackpots High

The progressive slots are the strong side of the RedDog casino as we all can see the general amount of jackpot for September 2021 makes more than $159 000 and this is an impressive sum and considering there are two cells remaining on the picture below you can surely say that there were times when the jackpot was even bigger, however, someone managed to win it and now there has been only accumulated $159 000.

The progressive jackpot grows each second and at the moment you will be reading this article and follow the link to enter the website it may happen that it will make millions of dollars which is a good piece of pie.

You also should pay attention to the bar that is located at the left from the main jackpot field – there you can see the winnings of the regular players. When I entered the site this bar was updated each second and I always have seen that this moment someone has won several hundreds of bucks which is a very expiring thing to be looking on if you ask me.

Again, there are not many casinos that provide this kind of information however, if you are concerned about the anonymity issues just don’t be – your privacy is well protected and there is only your login screened besides the winning sum on the

Anyway, considering that there are also promotions concerning the daily jackpots you really have all reasons to choose the Red Dog Casino as a place to gamble in forever.

Games to Play

There is a wide selection of games available in the casino so you are surely going to benefit from different types of poker there and free chips you can claim freely, however, as for me the best thing there is the slot games category.

You will hardly find another casino with such a great amount of popular and very engaging slot machines, and even if you play only the video poker you surely need to attend that slots section, especially those that are progressive as here you get enormous chances of winning a fortune with small bets that won’t harm your budget in case of a loss considering the fact how many valuable promo codes there are for those who play slots here.


To conclude there are many things to say about the Red Dog casino and there is one thing you really cannot say about it – that this casino makes you bored. With such a great amount of activities available and such a rewarding package of bonus codes and other promotions the casino we are talking about is a valuable asset and a great place to have some good time for any kind of the gambler in the world.

Here you will get more than in many of the other casinos – smooth performance, fair play policy enforced, client-oriented treatment and many chances to win a fortune and all you need to go is just to give a shot – just register the account, login to it and make your first deposit which may become your first step to getting a place where you can have a really good time.

by Carlo Morgan